Host Open in Your City

Local organizers are what make each Open unique. Organizing an Open is essentially a volunteer labor (a lot of labor!) of love for youth ministry and your local community, and earns you a bit of street cred in the youth ministry community. Ideally, but not required, you will have attended another Open event somewhere to see what it looks/feels like. That way you aren’t starting from scratch– you’re trying to bring something you experienced elsewhere to your area.

Can I make a little money? 

Yes, if there is a surplus of ticket/sponsorship money, it’ll be equally divided and shared with the local organizer, The Youth Cartel, and a local organization that ministers to teenagers. But the reality is that organizing an Open isn’t going to make you tons of cash, maybe a few hundred bucks.

Beta Test

Open is in a Beta test mode. We alpha tested it in Seattle and Boston and got an idea of what it’ll take to expand this movement of open-source youth ministry events to other cities. We are currently in beta test mode, expanding that to additional cities and continuing to build an infinitely expandable model.

We are currently looking for Beta test locations (6-10) who would be interested in acting as organizers in 2013. Ideally, after the Beta test round we will be able to release Open as an open-source event, complete with everything you’d need to host it anywhere! (Partnering with us, of course.)

If you are interested in hosting, please fill out the form below.

  • City, State, Country
  • Ideally, we are looking to host Open at "neutral" locations like college/university campuses, schools, community centers, conference centers, etc.