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honeymoon in Paris

Update on Open Paris

Open Paris 2014 is 1 month away!

Whether you came last year or if this is your first time… we think Open Paris is one of the most unique and incredible youth ministry events anywhere.

Three things I want to pass along:

  1. A fun thing that we’re going to do this year is a shared benediction between Open Paris & Open Seattle. We will be ending our time togetheron Saturday at The American Church in Paris just as the event is starting at Seattle Pacific University.
  2. This year we’ve added housing options for attendees to make it easier & cheaper for you to attend. You can stay at the church for €10/night; a nearby hostel for €30/night; or we’ll arrange for you to stay at a nearby Airbnb apartment for €50/night. Of course, you don’t have to use any of those options! We just wanted to make coming to Paris easier and cheaper for those who might need a little extra help.
  3. Our line-up of speakers and schedule for Fridayand Saturday is coming together. Here’s the list of speakers we have confirmed: If you have not registered yet, here’s the link:

If you have any questions about Open Paris please don’t hesitate to contact the organizing team.

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