Open Paris registration is live!

header-v3Planning to come to Open Paris? Registration is now live! 

It’s been fun to be part of the development of our first Open outside of the United States. My hope in adding a non-US city right away was that Open will always be about “the tribe of youth workers everywhere” and not just “the tribe of youth workers in the United States.” (We’re currently talking about bringing Open to Canada, Mexico, and Germany.)

What’s different?

The organizing team has shaped Open Paris to fit the needs of Western European youth workers. Here are some things that are different about it from the ones we’ve done in Seattle & Boston.

  1. It’s 2 days, not 1 – We’ve added a whole additional day of optional stuff for Open attendees. There will be a half day of training, offered by Rachel Blom. There will be a dinner for any attendee on Friday night instead of a speakers dinner. That will be followed by a worship gathering and a Friday night activity. All that new stuff and the same price? Beautiful. 
  2. It’s in a church and not a college. I’ve been fairly adamant that Open meet in a neutral space. (Meaning not a church.) In Paris, The American Church in Paris is just the absolute perfect venue. Doing so has actually opened my mind to “big Open’s” and “little Open’s.” In smaller markets it might make sense to have Open in a host church.
  3. It’ll be by European youth workers, for European youth workers. I expected there’d be a mix of North American presenters. It’s just not looking that way. So far the schedule, which will be announced 7/10, almost all Europeans. (With us North Americans coming along for the ride.)
  4. We’re closing off Open Paris with a plenary-styled session. I’m really excited to have the other half of the Cartel, Mark Oestreicher, come to Paris with me to share during the closing. In the first 2 drafts of Open , we’d had a closing plenary talk. But we dropped that idea before we launched Seattle last year. Again, I don’t know if this will be something we add to very many Open events, but I do like it in Paris and I think it rounds out a very cool 2-days there.

So that’s the scoop. Lots more coming very soon. (Marketing stuff will get going heavily after 7/12)

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