Grand Rapids, it’s official!


Earlier this afternoon I got an email from Chip at Cornerstone officially confirming that Open Grand Rapids is officially on the calendar. For us, that means it’s a done deal and we can start telling people about it.

Being the Thursday before Easter I didn’t think it’d be a good idea to send out an official email announcement. But I was pretty excited… we’re working hard to add 5-7 new cities for the Open beta test year… but we just hadn’t landed one “officially, official” quite as triumphantly as this one.

So I posted it on my Facebook account, thinking 1-2 people might comment. Nope. Lots of comments, several shares, and a whole pile of questions.

Wow, awesome and unexpected.

All that to say, I couldn’t be more excited about bringing Open to West Michigan. Save the date.

Speaker submissions will be available over the summer. And we’ll work on all the fun stuff like hotels and speaker dinner details around Christmas.

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