Open at the Core

I’m in love with Roman Mars’ radio show, 99% Invisible. While riding the trolley to work the other day episode 23 about stopped me in my tracks.

Approaching our very first Open in just a couple of days I’m at the point in this experiment where the stage is set.

  • People are ALL IN. Literally, people are flying from other parts of the world to be at this. We’ve also sold a bunch of tickets.
  • People dig the idea. I’ve heard from youth workers all over who heard about what we’re doing in Seattle and are truly hopeful that this thing will take off.
  • I’m invested. There’s no way to play off that this isn’t one of my big ideas. I’ve got no one to hide behind.
  • My hypothesis seems to check out. Look, I sat on this idea for a couple of years. I refined it. I listened a ton. I talked to a bunch of people who organize stuff like this for other industries. I know the model works.

But until Saturday I won’t really, truly know if it works. No one will. It might be awesome and it might be a massive humiliation.

There’s no way to call it anything more than an alpha test on an experiment which believes that a ministry event, if designed with openness to its very core, can begat Kingdom building ideas.

That is my prayer.

That is my hope. 

That is why I am doing it. 

Take a chance… build the Kingdom. 

Perhaps that is why this podcast stopped me? It encouraged me in the very basis of the thought that building Open as an open platform (technology) and inviting the community to take it, remix it, add it with other stuff, and keep perfecting will actually work.

With me alone it’s just an idea. But with the blood sweat and tears of the community? Well, that Kingdom idea may take shape.

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